Green Delphine rag doll


A rag doll to love.

When you were little, maybe you treasured a doll that you loved.
I am Delphine, I am cute as everything.
In your memory a memory of a doll that you loved to cuddle,
I’m sure I looked like him.
I need to be cleaned with a soft, dry sponge or brush.
Never wash me!
Great choice – you will love the doll that I am! My clothes are washable.
My eyes are brown as well as the hair.
My mouth is in the heart, to give you kisses.
From the height of my 45cm (18 “) I can be
à p.s. my teddy bear comes with me.
For the sum of: $ 65.00 (Canadian) I can belong to you.

This doll comes with its certificate there is a certificate that proves its authenticity.
I am the perfect doll for anyone who is looking for a special gift for
your children, friends, your loved one or even yourself.

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Rag doll

The history of the doll dates back to the 17th century, the origin of the doll is old.
Wooden, terracotta and ivory dolls with a fixed structure or with moving parts,
existed in Egypt, in the area of ​​Greek and Roman civilization, dating from the 11th millennium BC.

Rag doll is a wonderful gift! Rag doll can become not only an interior decoration, but also
your child’s favorite toy! Rag doll is a great gift for adults and children of any age!

You will find at Métiers d’Art & Cadeaux a rag doll of your choice.

My love for dolls is undeniable, I’ve been making dolls for over 30 years.

I draw my model before creating it.

The face is hand painted with attention to detail, in order to give the doll the most realistic facial expression possible. The clothes are also my creation.
Delphine rag

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