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All the jewels located in this boutique are designer brooches from Quebec and the brooches are handmade.
A brooch to hold a garment together, in the Middle Ages brooches were passed for ornamentation.
Our unique collection of handcrafted artisan brooches reflect the diversity of jewelry traditions and techniques found in cultures around the world.
You will have a chic brooch and also a fancy brooch. A gift for a
This brooch measures: 6 X 3 cm
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We have a selection of pins online.
Do you have a passion for jewelry? Crafts Gifts too!

By combining the most diverse shapes and colors, we always manage to create super trendy brooches. Whimsical or elegant: with our current collection of fashion brooches, you will shine brightly.

The metal to the pins gives an incomparable shine. Finely crafted and iridescent, the rhinestones are simply resplendent.

At Métiers d’Art et Cadeaux, even the most refined brooches become high-end jewelry. But we love trendy neon colors just as much, or even matching jewelry sets. For a most coordinated and successful look.

Come and discover all the diversity of our collections. And let yourself be inspired!

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Isa-Belle Dugas
A unique gift for a unique person