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Handmade bracelet in Quebec

Casual Style Fully Handmade glass beads bracelet
All the bracelets located in this shop are handmade.
Thin and elegant, this bracelet displays a style that is both timeless and refined. it consists of fine transparent glass beads with gold and black pearl insertion.
Wearing this magnificent bracelet will denote your good taste and elegance.
The bracelet is suitable for the whole season. It can be worn with a chic outfit or jeans.
Jewelry is carefully packaged and sent in a bubble envelope to ensure the best protection for your items
It measures 20 to 23 cm

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Pearl bracelet

My technique for making this bracelet is complex.
I use the beaded crochet technique, an ancestral know-how found in the north of the
Scandinavia and the far reaches of the mountainous regions of Hungary.


Repetitive and precise, the gesture consists of using the chain stitch to crochet the pearls one by one.
Stitch after stitch, we work from the inside to the outside to form a spiral structure which gives the jewel its tubular shape.
The technique nonetheless requires a precise knack and an extreme rigor to obtain a perfect result, where the magic undoubtedly has its part.
<h4> Unique piece that comes with its certificate of authenticity. </h4>

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