Pearl necklace Roxanne


Necklaces for women handmade in Quebec.

This beautiful necklace is perfect for anyone who has sensitive skin or cannot wear metallic jewelry.
All the items located in this shop are handmade.

Model: Roxanne
Clasp which is also decorative.
Dimension: 78 cm.

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Pearl necklace

Necklaces are perhaps the most versatile piece of jewelry of all. You can put on a necklace with a sporty outfit and go ultra-classic with a single necklace, be perfectly preppy with a pearl necklace. Whether you fancy the cool look of the necklace from the Isa Belle Dugas collection, you can really wear it however you want.
This necklace is a unique creation, it measures 43 cm. adjustable 51 cm

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A unique gift for a unique person